PumpPark Construction Update

The drainage system that will underlay the pumppark, is now complete.

Over the years, as we have presented the concept of a hard surface pumppark, we have met with skepticism and questions about the potential for water pooling and frost heaving of the paved surface. We trusted that construction techniques and careful use of aggregates could address those concerns.

Based on Skatepark construction and soil testing we knew that the Fields of Uxbridge has a very high water table. The contractor Spectrum Skateparks had purposely built the Skatepark largely above grade to avoid hitting ground water.

We have now witnessed the sophistication and double redundancy built into the drainage system that will lie beneath our new pump park. It makes you appreciate the experience and knowledge that’s required in order to address and avoid potential issues that could be caused by both surface and ground water.

With the Drainage system phase in the bank, we move onwards to Park shaping!!