In partnership with the Township of Uxbridge, and led by Uxbridge Rotary, a group of local service groups and clubs are embarking upon the construction of a world-class, hard-surface, multi-use PumpPark in Uxbridge.

A free-to-the-public, outdoor, hard-surface PumpPark facility does not exist in Uxbridge, in Durham region or in the GTA. Survey results and research confirms broad spectrum appeal for a PumpPark facility, indicating the park will attract a diverse range of participants by age, gender and ethnicity. Survey responders report planning to attend equally for fun, fitness and skill building. Many will travel to the park using active transportation.

Originally proposed to the Township in 2012 by the Rotary Club as a clay surface park, the concept was put on hold based on park maintenance concerns. With the advent and success of hard-surface parks, the hard-surface PumpPark idea was introduced to Council in 2015. With Township and service club support, an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant application was submitted and approved.

With critical funding in place, the newly formed Pumpark Committee of Council, working with the Township’s Parks and Recreation department have issued an RFP (Request for Proposal) for a Design/Build of the “PumpPark proper” (i.e. “inside the fence”). The tender process is in progress with construction scheduled for completion late summer of this year (2019). Pledges and funding are in place in order to complete the paved surface of the park along with some minimal landscaping. Click here to visit learn how you can help support the build!

What is a PumpPark?​

A PumpPark is a mass configuration of precisely formed banks, rollers, bowls and tabletops. The basic premise of a pump-track is in achieving, increasing and sustaining speed, using only inertia. Pump tracks provide fun, accessible, and deceptively rigorous, progressive skill-building exercise. The inherently progressive nature of a PumpPark makes it accessible to people of a diverse range of age and skill levels. The paved, low maintenance surface will keep the park open and accessible to users for more hours, over more than 200 days per year.

What is a PumpPark made of?​

Traditional pump tracks are formed out of clay and limestone mixtures. The Uxbridge PumpPark will be the latest generation of park; hard-surface asphalt finished. The first asphalt surface PumpPark appeared in Chur, Switzerland in 2012 and was conceived by Claudio Caluori of Velosolutions. The hard surface concept was an instant success and since then, hard-surface, paved pump tracks have been built around the globe.

Why asphalt?

Asphalt surfacing provides a consistent, weather resistant and reasonably forgiving surface. Importantly, hard-surfacing means the track can be open for more days with little to no maintenance of the riding surface. Hard surfacing also means the park will be accessible to skateboards, scooters and in-line skaters.

Where will the PumpPark be located?

The park will be located at the Fields of Uxbridge (beside the Uxbridge Rotary Skate Park) on Main Street North.

Concept Drawing:

Based on feedback and the opinion of the Committee members, this is the most popular design for the Uxbridge Optimist PumpPark.

Project Inclusions:

Fields of Uxbridge Master Plan showing Pumppark location (version early 2018)

Early Concept 2015, Site Drawing (design used for purposes of defining scale only) showing the new parks location relative to the existing Skatepark

As per this drawing, 230’ x’s 189’ (43,000 sq. metres) area directly south of the Skatepark is covered by our “Township Landuse Agreement”